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Words related to Shopping for Vocabulary



A bargain :   A good deal.    That’s a real bargain.

A brand :   A trademark.

A cashier :    A person who operates cash register.   

A chain :   A company with branches.

A changing room/cloakroom//fitting room :   A booth for trying on clothes

A consumer :   Someone who consumes, who buys.

A corner shop  :  A small, local shop that sells a little of everything – it needn’t be on a corner

A coupon  :  A discount voucher

A deal    /A steal : A transaction at a very reasonable price

A department store :   A large store that sells a range of items in different departments such as food and clothing

A design:    A pattern, a styling

A discount store/pound shop  :  A shop where all the goods are sold at a discount.   

A flea market  :  A market where antiques and second hand goods are sold

A loyalty card  :  a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend.   

A must-have product    A product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have.   

A receipt    A proof of payment.   

A rip-off    A cheat, a con.   

A shop assistant    The person who serves customers.   

A shopping basket/cart    A container for your purchases.   

To be on a tight budget    To have a limited amount of money to spend.   

To be a shopaholic    To be addicted to shopping.   

To browse    To look for goods in shop before you buy.   

To catch the eye    To get someone’s attention, especially by looking at them.   

Window shopping

To do the grocery shopping    Technically to buy fruit and vegetables, but normally used to mean to buy food and drinks for the household.   

To go on a shopping spree    To go shopping and buys lots of items that you may not be able to afford.   

To indulge in some retail therapy    To go shopping to make yourself feel better.   

Black Friday Every year, the day after Thanksgiving


Bargain hunter

Gift wrap

Ecommerce / online shopping / eshop


Sale / discount


Sections of the Mall


Salesman/ salesperson

Gents clothes


Kids / children’s

Food court

Shoe shop


Green grocery

Refrigerated items

Butter – cheese, green peas, 

Hosiery – inner wear

Furnishing – bed sheet, curtain




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