About us

We are an education group that is completely dedicated to help students learn all the knowledge they will need for a successful career. spenglishspeaking is an attempt to teach English Speaking by Sauban Sir to as many students who understand Hindi or Urdu. Sauban Sir has been teaching English since the past 20 years and thought it fit to share the lessons on this website to reach as many people as possible.

Sauban Sir is a copywriter and content consultant for many corporate companies. The level of English he has studied and uses gives him an opportunity to be continuously in touch with colloquial English from India, the United States of America and United Kingdom. An avid watcher of English movies he can point out the linguistic changes that have happened over the years in English Cinema.

In SP English Speaking Website, Sauban Sir has kept the lessons simple and short and in sequence so that students find it easy to learn the English Language. There are enough examples and tests to use so that students can practice what they have learned.